About Kauffman Insurance Agency

Kauffman Insurance Agency has been in existence since 1975. We have been serving Central PA’s insurance needs ever since. We still make house calls when necessary and we are available by appointment on weekends and evenings, to make it more convenient to you, the consumer. Our normal business hours are 9-5pm Monday – Friday.

We are home to the Free NO HASSLES Quote. In January of 2013, we formed an entity with our friends at the Enders Insurance Agency called Kauffman Enders Insurance Agency, this has allowed us to have more companies than ever before and connections to other lines of business we couldn’t offer before such as more commercial, business, health, accident and life insurance. All you need to do is give us a call, we look at your situation, see what we can do, check with various companies to make sure you are getting the best policy for the best price.If we can help you in some way, we make an appointment with you to discuss the policy and start doing business at that time. If we can’t help you, we will tell you that and offer suggestions to you as to what you should do or where you should look to better suit your insurance needs.


Aegis – Aegis Website

Phone 800-233-2160AIC – Agency Insurance Company
Phone 800-492-5629 Claims 800-841-5241

American Modern – American Modern Website
Phone 800-632-9002 Claims 800-375-2075

Bristol West auto now Foremost Auto – 
Bristol West auto now Foremost Auto Website

Phone 888-888-0080 Claims 800-435-7764

Countryway – Countryway Website
Phone 877-367-6571 Claims 800-828-6862

Dairyland – Pay Dairyland Cycle online 
800-532-2525 Claims 800-225-1390

Donegal – Donegal Website
Phone Number – 1-800-877-0600

24-Hour Claims Reporting Phone Number – 1-800-877-9006

Auto Glass Claims Phone Number – 1-866-439-4527 or

Foremost – Foremost Website
Phone & Claims 800-527-3905

Hartford – Hartford Website
Phone 800-771-8557 Claims 800-243-5860

Infinity – Infinity Website
Phone 800-782-1020 Claims 800-334-1661

Millville Mutual – Millville Mutual Website
Phone & Claims 800-262-8495

MMG – MMG Website
24-Hour Claims Reporting Phone Number – 1-800-343-0533

24-Hour Auto Glass Phone Number – 1-877-664-5277

Billing and Customer Service – 1-888-664-2455

Penn National – Penn National Website
Phone Number for Payments – 1-800-766-2245
24-Hour Claims Reporting Phone Number – 1-800-766-2245

Philadelphia ContributionshipPhiladelphia Contributionship Website

Customer service phone 1-888-627-1752
Claims 1-800-269-1409

Progressive – Customer website link

Customer Service phone 800-776-2436

Claims 800-274-4499

Rider Insurance – Rider Ins website
Phone 800-595-6393

Rockingham – Rockingham Website
Phone 800-434-7736
Claims 800-662-5246

Safeco – Safeco Website
Phone & Claims 877-566-6001

Viking – Now under Dairyland Auto – Viking or Dairyland Auto payments website
Phone 800-334-0090
Claims 888-606-4642